About Us

About Us

Welcome! We are very happy to see you on our company website.

Who are we? We are the family of Kry Trading Import Export Industry and Trade Limited Company, which added professional product supply in 2015 to our commercial journey that we started with the production of bakery products in 2010 and continues to grow and develop with the production of high society sugar as of 2021. We are the founders of Şekercibaba and Kahkecibaba brands that we are proud of. We are a production that produces small happiness, we are the courage of a handful of people who do their job with love.

Our Way Is Long, Our Goal Is Clear!
Our society candies are at high quality standards; It is produced in handcraft with the dance of magnificent colors in a mold. We do not talk about quality as a word, our sugar has been internationally certified with exactly 8 certificates. We aim to make children and children in all countries of the world taste high-quality society candy, and we are currently exporting our high society candies to 9 countries (America, England, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Iraq). Since we are in business partnership with Turkey’s big export companies, we can say with peace of mind that our market is the whole world.

We May Be the Father of Society Candy, But We Are Not Just Candy Makers!
As Kry Trading, although our production is based on sugar and cookies, we also guarantee that we will supply every product at the most affordable price upon the request of our business partners. The satisfaction of our customers is our most important source of motivation.
We are here to bring you the best products, at the most affordable prices and in the fastest way.

Our Vision

The aim of KRY TRADING is to provide fast, high quality and economical services to its customers with customer-oriented, integrated communication solutions anytime and anywhere. We aim to be the most accurate address that carries our customers to the future with modern and technological tools.

Our Mission

In the sectors in which we operate; We aim to meet the expectations of our customers at the highest level by being respectful to the individual and society, loyal to the law, economic and moral principles, sensitive to health, safety and the environment.